About Me

Hey, I’m Tracey Marinelli – Freelance Writer & Wellness Coach!

Freelance Writer

From an early age, my passion has been words – reading and writing them. I loved my Enid Blyton books and have them safely tucked away in a box to this day. In addition, I have countless exercise books, remnants of English lessons and years of childhood creativity. As I went on to further education, I found myself responsible for the college newspaper with my most popular article being on the death of John Lennon. Fact or fiction, my happy days were with a pen in hand.

Nobody ever told me as a child that I could make a living from my love of writing. So, for years I worked corporate. Using my words on reports, letters, staff reviews and training. Not as exciting as taking myself off to an imaginary world but I was still my happiest when composing and compiling.

Life changing events!

In July 2016, I was involved in a car accident and ultimately signed off work until January 2018. During this period of pain and recuperation, I was thrilled to be asked to write wellness articles for Kale.Life and I was lucky enough to get paid for it too. My husband sadly was managed from his role of 16 years. Diligently I put together his grievance case, once again, using my talent for words. Amazingly, his lawyers were surprised that the documentation had come from his wife and not a para-legal.

I set up my own wellness coaching business after being made redundant. Supporting my fellow Fibromyalgia warriors as they battled their illness. Once again, I was humbled to see how my words proved to be inspiring to others as I offered “words of wisdom” on my almost 30 years of surviving chronic pain and fatigue.

I truly enjoy researching an article and then putting it out for others to learn from. Very soon, others were asking if I could edit their work. Whether it was possible for me to write a letter of complaint on somebody’s behalf. I was in my element.

This imagination went into overdrive again with the realisation that I could get paid to do what I love most – to write and to read.

So here I am, working as a freelance writer and loving it.

I relish a challenge and the opportunity of using my words to make life a little easier for others. Taking the pressure off when a difficult letter calls. Editing the well thought out book that appeared on somebody’s bucket list. Writing a touching tribute when words fail to come.

This site acts as my online CV, my writing profile and work laid bare for all to see. If you think I can don a writing hat and support your literary needs, then I would welcome the opportunity of discussing your requirements further. Just head to the contact form and let me know how I can help.

“When you become a Writer, your heart & mind become divided between your many selves.” Unknown