Best Friends Forever

Written for my dearest friend as she headed off to America with her boys to live their dream

Best Friends Forever

A moment together, a life time apart
Doesn’t really matter when you’re safe in my heart
A chest full of memories and treasures to keep
We’ll meet in our dreams when we both are asleep

My dearest friend with the happiest smile
It won’t be long, I’ll see you in a while
We have cords that tie us and bonds that bind
A truer friend, I could never, ever find

So go with my blessing to a faraway land
You know I am always here to lend a hand
I will shower love to send you on your way
But Karen, my friend in my heart you’ll stay

Off you go with my precious little men
It won’t be too long before I see you all again
I know that you will love each other and hold on tight
Keep each other safe through every day and dark night

Pick up your passport, bags and children in hand
Board that plane to your own promised land
You will take part of my heart, that’s very true
But there is nobody I would rather give it than to your boys and you

©Tracey Louise Marinelli