Poetry – A Husbands Gift

Dedicated to my friends who are awaiting the birth of their little ones.

Poetry - A Husbands Gift

A baby is a gift from the heavens above,
A gift to a woman, a sign of his love.
A priceless treasure, given by a man,
As he turns a woman to a mother as only he can.

A little bundle of hope and of joy,
It doesn’t matter if its a girl or a boy.
So full of innocence and full of trust,
Love and affection for them are a must.

A bouncing crib full of ribbons and bows,
Mittens for hands and bootees for toes,
A beautiful bonnet to cradle his head,
A knitted shawl to cover his bed.

A nursery full of beloved toys,
Pink for girls and blue for boys,
A very special life has just begun,
There will be a lots of tears and lots of fun.

Keep them safe and never alone,
Remember your gift is only a loan.
Your babe, your heart he’s sure to break,
When they leave home and their own life they make.

A babe in arms becomes a memory in your mind,
As their own way through life they must find.
Remember the days you laughed and the nights you cried,
How they took their first steps with caution and pride.

I long to discover these beautiful joys,
Of decorating the nursery and buying the toys.
This is the gift I long for my husband to give,
And forever and always in his debt I’ll live.

©Tracey Louise Marinelli