Earth Day

A day to celebrate our Mother Earth,
To look and marvel at her glory.
Her changing landscapes and skies,
As Father Time moves his ticking hands.

The colours and hues of the seasons,
The stormy clouds and clear blue skies.
Nothing is an accident with our Mother in charge,
She nurtures her earth and all things that dwell upon it.

The birds, the animals, the trees and the crops,
All unique and having their place.
Playing their part in her perfect plan,
As she brings forth new life and makes the old wither away.

Time has shown us again and again,
That the Mother Earth is in charge.
She can take a calm ocean and whip up a storm,
A gentle breeze can become a howling gale.

She can at her will, turn feast into famine,
Replaces riches with poverty, teaches us lessons.
Our respect she demands and thoroughly deserves,
She is in control, she is the ultimate Earth Mother.

©Tracey Louise Marinelli