Morning Meditation

Sleepy eyes begin to wake,
The beginnings of a new day break.
The sun rises gently into the sky,
Bidding the moon and stars goodbye.

The birds wake the world with their song,
Pigeons and crows cooing along.
The flowers raise their drowsy heads,
Weary people climb out of their beds.

A bright blue sky greets the day,
We hope the rain will stay away.
A list of jobs and things to do,
As we greet each and every day anew.

Wondering what the day will bring,
A chance to rejoice, a chance to sing.
For some this day will be their last,
As they lie and reminisce their past.

Others will come into this brand new world,
With their little legs and fists uncurled.
Their families will shed tears of joy,
As they welcome their new baby girl or boy.

So we have the new day to make what we will,
It came yesterday and tomorrow it will come still.
A new day dawns for many to cheer,
For some it brings nothing but fear.

It’s promised to no-one and no-one can see,
If it will be a good day for you or for me.
A new day brings a chance to start anew,
A new beginning for me and for you.

©Tracey Louise Marinelli