Tears of Mother Nature



She weeps and despairs, when she sees what we have done,
The destruction of her beloved earth has really begun.
Slicing down forests and trees in their prime,
The clock is ticking, we are running out of time.

The animals on earth, the fish in the sea,
Why can’t we let them live, just let them be?
The oil, the coal, soon there will be none,
We will plunder the earth until it’s all gone.

We mess with the climate and it will change,
The seasons are all confused, it’s all so strange.
To have the summer so hot and winter so cold,
We have been warned, we have been told.

Is there any way we can turn this around?
Where a new respect and tolerance is found.
Or do we continue to realise her fears,
Standing by as Mother Earth sheds her tears.


©Tracey Louise Marinelli