Letter To My Younger Self

Dear Me,

It may seem strange that I am writing today,
You may wonder why and what it is I have to say.
I could ask after you and hope all is going well,
But all I have are words of advice, nothing more to tell.

Right now you’re so young, not a single care,
With plenty of big dreams and much love to share.
You were gifted with compassion to send you on your way,
A need to love and be loved that stays with you today.

We have lots of fun you and I,
We reach for the stars right up in the sky.
There are times we were happy and some so sad,
Some dreams worked, others went oh so bad.

Never one to be deterred or to fall,
We rush right in through every open door.
We have a trust, really like no other,
We are a daughter, sister, wife and mother.

Life won’t always be filled with plenty of hope,
You will have hard times and wonder how to cope.
You will struggle with health and constant pain,
But, Oh little girl, you will rally time and again.

So what can I say to one so young?
That there are dances to dance and songs to be sung.
You will be moved to tears by a lamb or a flower,
And that deep inside you will hold extraordinary power.

Your life now has really only just begun,
Turn your face my child, right up to the sun.
Keep your face forward and never look down,
Smile through the tough times, try not to frown.

Our life is half over, so now you see,
That this letter is for you, who really is me.
If we could go back and do it all again,
Would we learn lessons or do just the same?

We will head through this life together as friends,
Until one day, our life for us both ends.
We were born together just you and me,
We still have a future, just wait and see.

So many things we have left to do,
The older me and the younger you.
We can start again and have so much fun,
But remember little one, keep our face always to the sun.

©Tracey Louise Marinelli