Hush Now….

In Celebration of Gillian Nicholds 1951 – 2014

Hush now, please don’t cry
This isn’t the end, it’s just goodbye
I promise you now, I will stay very near
And when the time comes, I will wait for you here

Come on now, just dry those tears
I know this is sad and I feel your fears
But, it’s OK really and all is good
My life worked out exactly as it should

I was very blessed in my wonderful life
Proud to call myself daughter, sister, mother and wife
I was lucky in life, I had so many friends
But the truth you see, this love never ends

You carry the love with you or so they say
But look around loved ones, I’ve not gone away
You will see my smile in each and every baby’s cry
You will see my eyes shining in the evening sky

My kind and funny words you will hear in the breeze
I am as reliable as gloves, when you’re hands start to freeze
I still care and will wrap around you like a scarf
I will still be around, encouraging you to laugh

I haven’t gone very far, I am just out of sight
You will carry me with you each day and each night
I still care for you all, just like I always did
All the hurt and the pain I am finally rid

Gillian, my name means youthful, Oh yes that’s me
And when we next meet, that’s just how I’ll be
I wasn’t scared and I wasn’t afraid
Given the choice then, I would have stayed

A beautiful voice called me to come home
I came to my dad, so he wasn’t alone
As a twin, I could do this you see
He gets one half of Alison and you keep the other half of me

So come on now, wipe your tears, blow your nose
A better family I couldn’t have chose
I am resting now and all is well here
I know it’s hard but one day it will become clear

I fought really hard, I wanted to stay
But heaven is so beautiful, so all is OK
So try to be strong when you think of me
Put your hand to your heart, because that’s where I will be

September 2014

©Tracey Louise Marinelli