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Writing StylesMy Many Writing Hats….

When it comes to writing, I was once told that I could easily adapt to many types of writing styles. As if to prove this, I had the crazy idea of setting up more than one blog. It is a great outlet for me to express my words in a couple of different platforms. Each of them bringing their own unique audience.

Fibro Fantastic Wellness Coaching is my purpose. It is like another child that requires feeding and nurturing each and every day. I have my following of fellow Fibromyalgia warriors who I hope to empower and support them to live their best life.

The Happy Hippy is my soul. A place where I can let my hair down and be the free soul that I feel I was always destined to be. This is my fun place, where others can join me and release their inner hippy too. A gentle place of Peace, Love & Smiles

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