The Train Journey

Heading on a journey, we are on our way
So many things to see as we move on by
The train rolling down the track
They will all look different on the journey back

One minute, the city, and then an open field
Flowers raising their heads to yield
Spring sprouting from every bush and tree
Quietly and fleetingly observed by me

The cows are grazing alongside the sheep
Crops in the fields, raising from their sleep
The birds playing tag in the trees
One train arriving, as another one leaves

We are heading along and gathering pace
Just a long and winding snake in the open space
Watching the world pass us by at speed
With our chugging engine taking the lead

On a train journey there is so much to see
A time to reflect and just to be
The train slowing down, turning into a bend
Heading into the station and our journey end


©Tracey Louise Marinelli